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Marketplace Integration Options

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Our platform speaks your language and everyone else’s. 

We offer our clients who have their own systems our catalog in various methods, this enables any online store, or marketplace to offer our catalog to their clients.

Our package for Market place integration includes our support to the tech team of the marketplace, or online store in order to successfully integrate our catalog into their system.

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Gain a partner, not just another vendor.

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Dropshipping & Marketplace Selling

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LD Marketplace Services we Offer

We can offer either 1P First Party relationship, or 3P Third Party , in the 1p model the marketplace can buy from us wholesale and sell at the price they see fit (we would still offer the logistics and ship the final product to their clients). As for the 3p we will have our own storefront at the marketplace and control pricing and the logistics, and the marketplace will get a commission based on sales generated.

Questions ?

We offer our clients with Api Documentation, and Postman, for your technical team to be able to test our End points and requests.

We do not offer these integrations to all stores, they need to make sure they adhere to our policies, and we need to also understand where do they plan to sell, and on which channels.

They also need to have highly capable tech personnel, to carry on the integration and test it successfully.

Depends on your tech team capabilities, but anywhere from 2-4 weeks, and depending on the technology used and your systems too.

Our Terms And Conditions Are On Our Website, Section Terms And Conditions.

All Our Products Are Shipped From Italy And Subject To Return 14 Days, And We Guarantee 100% Authenticity.

We will send you a payment link with the subscription details, after we approve your request.

If the client uses our order API they will recieve an email confirmation of the order, and in that email there will be details of the items ordered and a payment link to pay for the order.

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